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The Best 50 of 2015

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New for 2015

For this year, I'll pick 50 of the best songs from the building notable list and the computer will randomly sort it out for the year-end countdown of 2015.

Notable Songs of 2015

From November 28

If I Were a Jedi (That Would Be Hella Awesome) - MC Lars feat. Brian Mazzaferri
If You're Going to China - Carla Ulbrich
The Future is Here - Screen Team
The Hunger Games - Insane Ian

From November 21

The Top 10 Things To Never Say on a First Date - MC Lars
Eight Items or Less (And I've Got Nine) - Trevor Strong
I Always Feel Like (I'm Gonna Quantum Leap) - Bonecage
I Just Sneezed in My Pie - Steve Goodie

From November 14

Urban Dictionary - Dino-Mike Featuring Bonecage
Back to the Future - Insane Ian

From November 7

Bat Blood - How It Should Have Ended
Totally Average Woman - Carla Ulbrich
Livin' With Fast Food - Joe J. Thomas featuring Power Salad
Bring the 90s Back - MC Lars

From October 31

Ditch Diggers - Devo Spice
Do I Look Fat In These Pants? - Trevor Strong

From October 17

Needless Dissection - Carla Ulbrich
Bust a Goose - Shad-Rapp

From October 10

I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet - Steve Goodie

From September 26

Trump (He's In Your Head) - Steve Berke
Trump's Neverending Hairpiece - Peter Coffin
MucDonald's - David Tanny
You Don't Mess With Donald's Hair - Joe J. Thomas
Wabbit Wemix - Darren Chraplak
Cheek to Cheek - Carla Ulbrich
Another 80s Song - John Mapes
OCD - Todd Chappelle
Put It Away - Devo Spice
Radio - Ear Candy

From September 19

(She's Your) Girlfriend - Marian Rosin
I Need A Nap - Squirm And Germ
The Ballad of Hans Moleman - MC Lars
Spazz - The Elastik Band
Snap A Selfie - The Royal Canadian Air Farce
I'm On Vacation - Rhett And Link
Trump - Rocky Mountain Mike

From September 12

El Nino Loco - Rodney Carrington
My OCD - Rhett And Link
Nerd Squad Spot 4 - David Tanny
Dumbass Abbey - Rocky Mountain Mike
Hey Terminator! - Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
Parents vs. Kids Back to School Rap Battle - The Holderness Family
Killer Duck Attack - Terry Shea

From August 22

Gotta Start Smokin' - Carla Ulbrich
Pac-Man Fever (Eat 'Em Up) 2015 - Buckner and Garcia featuring Jace Hall
Radioactive Mama - Sheldon Allman
Rednecks in Space - Groundhogcow
The Art of Smokin' Bowls - Mick Kahler and Al Flash
Robin Williams - CeeLo Green
Funny Man - Rodney Carrington
Joe's Ex-Girlfriends - Carla Ulbrich
Old is Getting Older Every Day - Trevor Strong
Cellar Door - Insane Ian
Crud Beer - David Tanny

From August 15

Ragnarok - Carla Ulbrich
Tom Brady (Bam-a-lam) - Greg "Eggman" Moore
Taco Hell '14 - David Tanny
Radio Control - The Giraffes

From August 8

Electric Car - They Might Be Giants w/ Robin Goldwasser
In My Driverless Car - Power Salad featuring Arthur Prior's Band

From August 1

Pickin' On The Chicken - Ray Stevens

From July 25

Mr. Jaws 2015 - Dickie Goodman with "Weird Al" Yankovic

From July 18

Talkin' 'Bout Balls - Tim Hunter
Talking Yogi Talk - John McCutcheon
Boycott Bing: Because It's No Good - David Tanny
The Password Song - Christine Lavin
Sad Puppies (Aren't Much Fun) - Tom Smith
Tank - The Stranglers

From July 11

Blow 'Em Away - Richard Julian And The Cast
The War On Gluten - Dave And Brian

From July 4

The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe From A To Z - Tribe One
It's Not 'Or No', It's 'Or Not' - David Tanny
Laugh, Laugh, Laugh - Abbott and Costello

From June 27

When The Sharks Come Swimming In - Darren Chraplak
Dr. Pepper - Carla Ulbrich featuring Steve Goodie
A Trip To Jurassic World - Chris Wolvie

From June 20

Can't Get A Human On The Phone - Harve Mann

From June 13

The Yoga Song - Heywood Banks

From June 6

Bowling Trophy Wife - Rodney Carrington
Tom Brady Song - Greg "Eggman" Moore

From May 30

Do You All - Rodney Carrington
Ode to Ronald (Serve the World Fries) - Insane Ian
School Desk - Heywood Banks

From May 23

Batman and Robin Leach - Greg "Eggman" Moore
Taylor Swift Is Stalkin' Me - Ray Stevens
David Letterman - Adam Sandler

From May 16

underDo It! - Heywood Banks
Mama 2015 Version - Samuel Stokes
Seek the Mouse Missile - David Tanny
Narwhals - MrWeebl
Mary's Lamb - Darren Chraplak
Super Mario Bros. With Lyrics - brentalfloss

From May 9

Toilet Seat - Heywood Banks
Science Style - ASAPScience
Don't Tell My Wife - Rodney Carrington
Take Cover From The Flying Drone - Mick Kahler And Al Flash

From May 2

We Are All Bat People - Schmoyoho Featuring Vlog Brothers

From Apr 18

Ain't Nature Grand - Dave Guhlow
Gray Area - Rob Paravonian
Can't Be Sane - Jeff Reuben
Mealz on Wheelz - Seamonkey Featuring The Gothsicles
Abby Normal - Luke Ski
Best You'll Do Tonight - Rodney Carrington
Unpronounceable - They Might Be Giants
Ghostbusters - The Doubleclicks
Shaving Cream - "Weird Al" Yankovic Featuring Dr. Demento

From Apr 11

Hey, WKRP! - David Tanny
Psicko Psyko Killa! - Heywood Banks

From Apr 4

Coconut - Sprung Monkey
Drink More Beer - Rodney Carrington
Bat Tire - David Tanny
Take Me To Brunch - Kirby Krackle
Ping Pong - Insane Ian
If I'm The Only One - Rodney Carrington

From Mar 21

Princess Rap Battle: Cinderella vs. Belle - Whitney Avalon featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar
Yoda - Jodi DiPiazza featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic

From Mar 14

Role Models - Rodney Carrington

From Mar 7

72 Virgins and a Crown - Rodney Carrington
Brian Williams - Rocky Mountain Mike

From Feb 28

Religions - Rodney Carrington
Potatoes Gonna Potate - Patrick Coffin
Because I'm Dead - Dave Guhlow
Uptown Funk Parody - Bart Baker
Wish She Would Have Left Quicker - Rodney Carrington
Celebrity Jeopardy 2-15-15 - NBC's Saturday Night Live

From Feb 21

Shane - Rodney Carrington
99 Percent Of Everything Is - Dave Guhlow
I Saw Your Daughter in a Porno - Tom Tuerff
Must Love Dogs (IanPlugged) featuring Ben Stahl - Insane Ian
The Fresh Host of Tonight - Jimmy Fallon
Cool Moms - Laughing Moms

From Feb 14

Deflate It Nice For Brady - Ryan Shibley
Ain't No Football - Greg "Eggman" Moore
Pizza Heroes - Lemon Demon
You Ain't Nothin' But A Ground Hog - Greg "Eggman" Moore
Space Invaders - Pornophonique

From Feb 7

Tom's Big Balls - Spike And Joe
I Like My Balls Deflated - Joe Conklin
It's BurgerTime - Insane Ian And My Parents Favorite Music
All About That Space - ReelNASA
Ghostbusters Vs. Mythbusters - Epic Rap Battles Of History

From Jan 31

All About That Bass Parody - Bart Baker

From Jan 24

I Blame It All On Obama - Rocky Mountain Mike
Prine's Paradise - Tom Tuerff
It's Too Late For Papa Johns - Awptimus
Have Natural Es - The Boobles
Garbage Can - Mike Toomey
The Twilight Zone - Luke Ski
Amazon Dot Com - Bonecage

From Jan 17

Ebola Song 2 - Greg "Eggman" Moore
If You Like Your Plan - Ray Stevens
To Date a Klingon - Devo Spice w/ Carla Ulbrich
Here Comes the Garbage Man - Tico and the Triumphs
The Internet Went Down - Trevor Strong
Internet Troll - The Doubleclicks

From Jan 10

The Mom Song - Anita Renfroe

From Jan 3

Commercials on mp3 Single Mix - David Tanny
The Nook-E Reader - Greg "Eggman" Moore
The New Periodic Table - AsapScience
Snack Bar - Devo Spice
I'm Just a Bill Spoof - NBC's Saturday Night Live
Surfin' Alaska - Dave Guhlow
Friends With Benefits - Tom Tuerff
Q-Bert - Luke Ski
Quantim Mechanic - Dave Guhlow
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